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Ralph Hedges

This site contains books that were developed during Mr. Hedges studies with Ludmilla Ulehla for his Master's degree at the Manhattan School of Music, and with John Mehegan at the Juilliard School in New York. The books are unique with materials that are not found in traditional theory manuals currently available. 

There are eleven books in the series, 'Basic Theory' oriented to the piano with many assignments, both written and playing in all keys. It is therefore, not 'elementary'.

Basic Theory 101 5-note major scales in all keys
Basic Theory 102 Normal intervals on the 5-note major scales in all keys
Basic Theory 103 Normal intervals on the 8-note major scales in all keys
Basic Theory 104 Intervals; normal, altered, inverted, and compound in all keys
Basic Theory 105 Triads; qualities, inversions, scale-tone, and intervallic analysis
Basic Theory 106 Seventh-chords; the five qualities, scale-tone sevenths, and inversion
Basic Theory 107 Key Circle; the full Circle, diatonic Circle, the Roman numeral Circle
Basic Theory 108 Minor Scales; relative and parallel
Basic Theory 109 Scale-tone triads of the minor keys
Basic Theory 110 Scale-tone seventh chords of the minor keys
Basic Theory 111 Scales and Modes

On the drawing board are 'Classical Theory' and 'Jazz Theory'

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